Spring is in full swing: How to get your home ready for the warmer months.

Is your home ready to tackle the on-coming warm weather?


Life as a homeowner is always an endless list of things to do! There is always something to do around the house whether its outside in your garden, or cleaning inside. However, it is so easy to forget some simple tasks, that can be very crucial to complete when you are approaching the new time of year. So, we decided to collaborate with some amazing local business to make a checklist of jobs to prepare your home for the warmer months; both inside and out!


Lets start with the interior!



Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to purge the junk and get your home feeling clean and refreshed for the new change of weather.

As spoken about in one of our previous blogs, messy homes add to stress levels, so you want to ensure that you and your family can enjoy the warmer weather.

Spring does mean new life after all, so bring some new life to your home!

  • Consider investing in drawer dividers and closet organisers to tame spaces that are prone to clutter.
  • Clean from top to bottom, forcing the debris downwards. This saves you so much time and hassle having to continuously re-dust or vacuum.
  • Think about using natural products. They improve air quality within your home and are much safer for you and your family to use. Some natural brands include Cove, Koh and Zero Co.

We suggest Lifestyle Cleaning Services for all cleaning advice and services.

  • Don’t forget about your air! Having clean, fresh air inside your home is just as important as any spring cleaning, to keep your family safe.

We suggest Fernair Distributors for all your advice and maintenance for your air conditioner.


Style Refresh

Now that the interior of your home is clean, it’s time to set a new tone for the season.

If your spaces feel dark and heavy, all you need are some simple changes and tips to bring life and freshness to your home for spring.

Re-energise your home’s spaces by updating your linen, throw blankets and pillows, towels, décor and even window treatments! Sourcing fresh curtains and throws that are light and airy, will allow your spaces to feel refreshed with a sense of calm.

Sarah from the home décor store Fetch has provided some key information in styling your home in time for Spring.

  • We are seeing a lot of bright colours inspired by nature come through for Spring. Golden yellow tones (think of warm sunshine), greens, pinks, lavenders & burnt oranges.
  • Layering is always important. Start off with a nice neutral & classic base and introduce colour and personality through artwork, decor items & soft furnishings.
  • Once you have your key or ‘hero’ piece in a room (for example a big rug, quilt cover or artwork), you are then able to draw colours out of those pieces in order to choose things like cushions, throws, vases, pots etc.
  • If you take time collecting key pieces and things that you truly love, the room will end up being a timeless collection of beautiful things that you won’t feel the need to replace once the trend moves onto something else.

Decorate your home at Fetch with all the perfect touches for spring!



Bring The Outdoors In

Nothing says spring like some fresh flowers and an abundance of fresh produce!

Our local Wollombi Road Providore take pride in their quality produce and have provided us with some information on their harvests for Spring.

Fresh florals are the best way to bring the sense of Spring inside your home and ‘tis the season for natives!

With natives being in peak season, they are absolutely thriving in abundance and have never looked better! Native flowers bring the perfect sense of warmth to any home.


Time to change those eating habits from our warm comfort foods, to fresh and sweet fruits and vegetables.

With the winter fruits like citruses coming to an end, the spring/summer fruits are thriving with the warmer weather! The burst of heat brings even more sweetness to the produce.

  • Mangoes
  • Watermelons
  • Stone-fruit
  • Peaches
  • Nectarines
  • Pineapple

All the vegetables for this season are also being harvested, perfect for all of the fresh salads to enjoy for every sunny day and BBQ.

  • Soft leaf lettuces like Baby Gem and Oak
  • Asparagus
  • Avocados


Moving onto the exterior of the house!



Get On Top Of  Your Gutters

Looking after your roof and your gutters are especially important moving into the warmer part of the year to reduce the chances of costly damages and unwanted pests.

We spoke to the team at J&K Building to provide some important tips for your gutters:

  • Trimming your trees and vines that hang over your gutters will prevent excess debris falling into your gutter and drainage systems.
  • Remove any debris you might find in your gutters. Sticks, leaves & plant matter will clog your gutters, resulting in blocked downpipes causing water damage as well as moisture build up.
  • Use a garden hose to flush out your cleaned gutter. Check all gutter ends are sealed and not leaking.
  • Observe downpipes to verify free water flow. If your downpipes are clogged, remove the nozzle from your hose and flash out the downpipe by running the hose up the downpipe. Gently tap the side of your downpipe to dislodge the debris.
  • Think about installing a low maintenance Leaf Guard system to prevent debris entering your gutter and drainage systems.

By taking care of your gutters with basic maintenance it will ultimately extend their lifespan, saving you money in the long run!

For further advice and services contact J&K Building Services.


Wake Up Your Windows

What a significant difference clean windows can make!

Washing the inside and outside of your windows can assist greatly in bringing so much more light into your home. It can instantly lift your mood and the feel of your home for Spring.

Replacing damaged or warped screens are also essential for being able to enjoy all the perks that the warmer weather brings. Having the opportunity to freely open up your windows to experience and enjoy the warm Spring breezes (without any insects) is a game changer!

For more information on window and screen services get in touch with the team at Westal Windows.



Unwanted Pests

Spring is when pests get moving, and one of the pests we need to keep an eye on are termites!

Jackson from Superior Pest Management has informed us that most Termite species get on the move during October & November and look to start new colonies. If your house is within 1 kilometre of bush, then you are likely to find them flying around at dusk in great numbers.

There are a few simple steps you can take to limit their opportunity to set up a colony near you.

  • Remove excess timber from the ground.
  • Don’t stack timber or firewood against the house or shed.
  • Clean up fallen branches.
  • Ensure the perimeter of your house is clear of obstructions.
  • Keep garden woodchip low and away from the house where possible.
  • Fix dripping garden taps.

For further advice, call Superior Pest Management.



What a better excuse than to get your home in order and revived in time for the warmer months!


Applying these simple yet effective tips can totally transform your home; from inside out. Enabling you and your family to refresh and enjoy, for the rest of the year to come.


A big thank you to our local businesses who contributed to these helpful tips and provided a wealth of information!








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