Nature’s Masterpiece: The Modern Industrial Home Embracing the Beauty of Rural Living

House Feature: July 2023


Prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking new build of a robust, modern, and industrial home situated on a picturesque rural property. This architectural masterpiece atop a hill in the stunning Pokolbin region, seamlessly blends contemporary design with the rustic charm of its natural surroundings.


Nestled amidst the rolling hills and vineyards, this extraordinary residence is an epitome of luxury and practicality. The use of high-quality materials creates a striking visual appeal that harmonises effortlessly with the rugged beauty of the landscape. The external materials were selected to enhance the industrial finish with a touch of country charm; overall complementing the design style throughout the build and creating the perfect low-maintenance home. 


The intentional orientation of the home facing East to West, was designed to create a connection to all aspects of the land. This was achieved through an abundance of double-glazed windows and doors to heighten the flow of indoors to outdoors; allowing for the magnificent views to be engaged with from every angle and absorb the suns warmth from day to night. These expansive windows throughout the house offer panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, allowing the residents to bask in nature’s splendour from every corner. The open floor plan maximises space and natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere that is perfect for both relaxation and entertaining guests.


To lessen the visual impact within the natural environment, the home was built into the top of the hill of the property, which also enabled the opportunity for a split-level composition. With this design element being incorporated, it was significant to focus on outdoor living spaces to maximise its incredible surroundings. As you step outside to the spacious terrace, a main focal point of the structure is the industrial raking columns, with a splayed veranda to also emphasise the view – the perfect spot to savour a glass of wine and take in the sweeping vistas of lush greenery and rolling vineyards. The sleek and simplified landscaping also adds an extra touch of grandeur to this modern home, by implementing the industrial features of the build through rusted garden edging, screens and sculptures throughout the property.


The aim of this project was to achieve a marvellous, robust design while concentrating on the practicality of the home overall, with no ‘un-used spaces’. Every detail has been meticulously thought out to ensure optimal comfort and functionality. Whether seeking solace amidst nature or a stylish sanctuary away from bustling city life, this remarkable new build offers an unparalleled living experience, complementing our client’s vision and lifestyle superbly.


We are proud to have worked in collaboration with the amazing architect and trades to bring the client’s home and vision to life, with our attention to detail and impeccable quality.


Photography by Joshua Hogan


Architect: Sheer Designs





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