Lance’s Christmas DIY’s: 2021.

Christmas is arguably, the most wonderful time of the year; and it’s just around the corner! It’s time for everyone to get prepared to decorate their homes for that instant Christmas cheer.


We have collected some bespoke Christmas décor ideas that Lance has recommended for the festive season, that you can DIY yourself or with the family!

The best part of these projects is that the possibilities are endless! You can easily customise or tweak to your liking, to suit your home and Christmas theme.

With both of these suggested Christmas décor projects, you’re bound to get into the holiday spirit!



Nothing says “welcome to our home” like a holiday wreath on your front door!

Christmas wreaths are a classic and easy way to instantly up the ante that’ll speak to your home’s decorating taste and style.

Your wreath can include anything you desire! We suggest searching in the backyard or garden for foliage and organic-looking beauties such as eucalyptus, pine, leaves and branches. Add your own personal touches or pops of colour like berries and earthy-flowers to bring your wreath to life! You can even make your own dried oranges, by thinly slicing them and baking them in the oven on low for half a day. Incorporate the oranges into your arrangement to create the perfect final touch to your Christmas DIY.

Not only will it look amazing but all the organic, festive scents will draw your guests right up to your door.

See the tutorial for this amazing wreath below:



Evergreens and Faux trees aren’t the only options for your Christmas tree this year. We love alternative and custom trees that are far from the ordinary!

This plywood Christmas tree idea from Homes To Love, is a modern and stylish take on traditional, artificial trees, that you can easily construct and customise yourself! (plus, no mess and easy setup!)


  • 4 x 1200mm x 897mm x 7mm plywood sheets
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level or long ruler for drawing straight lines
  • Pencil
  • Circular saw or handsaw
  • Masking tape
  • Paintbrush & paint or spray-paint



To make the largest tree (1200mm high), measure and mark a same-size triangular shape on each of two plywood sheets. To make the medium-sized tree (600mm high), measure and mark two same-size triangular shapes on a third sheet. And to make the smallest tree (400mm high), measure and mark two same-size triangular shapes on a fourth sheet.


Using a circular saw or handsaw, cut out all the shapes on the four plywood sheets.


For the largest tree, measure and mark where you’re going to cut the slots on the two identical shapes. On one, make the mark from the top of the shape to the centre, and on the other, make the mark from the bottom of the shape to the centre. Repeat this step for the medium and smallest tree shapes.


For the largest tree, saw each slot, then slot the two shapes together to form the 3D tree. Repeat this step for the two other trees.


Use masking tape to mark a line about one-third of the way down from the top of the tree, as a guide for painting.


Use paint or spray paint in your desired colour to paint the tip of your trees.



By enhancing your decorating game and Christmas cheer with these DIYS, you will be guaranteed to stand out! But don’t just take Lance’s word for it; give them a try this festive season and don’t forget to tag us in your creations.


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