Custom Home Design Trends: 2021.

We are nearing the end of 2021 (WHAAATT?!) so let’s reflect and take a look at some popular design elements from this year!


Every year brings new trends when it comes to home and interior design, and this year has been no different. So many factors have significantly impacted the ways in which we live and entertain at home in 2021. We have been obligated to spend time in the spaces within our home, leading to countless improvements, ideas and research whether you are building or renovating.


We have collected some popular trends that have been noticeably taking over 2021, when it comes to your custom home’s interior.




Your homes floor-plan is a crucial component to get right!

The layout of your home creates the overall feel and flow, and usually means once its locked in, you’re pretty well stuck with it! But the freedom of developing your own custom home means you can include everything to suit you and your family’s needs.

Some trends we are noticing have been drawn from the times of which many had spent lengthy periods at home.


  • Multipurpose layouts have been a popular upgrade and/or decision when it comes to custom homes. This type of layout can allow adaptability to change and grow, along with the homeowner’s and their needs and lifestyle. This is a great option for expanding families to ensure that their spaces can fit any personal uses and needs as time goes on.


  • Open planned living areas have definitely been popular over the years but now this trend is gaining even more momentum. This past year, many more people are welcoming the idea of entertaining at home instead of going out and connecting more as a family. This also goes hand in hand with the indoor/ outdoor living concept! Utilising your spaces to the max for gathering with loved ones and enjoying each other’s company no matter what space you’re in.




Light uplifts and brings life to any space; no wonder all of your inspo pics look so good!

  •  Glass is a very popular element of all modern architectural trends, from styles including industrial to minimalistic. Maximising the natural light that flows through your home can be achieved by incorporating panoramic windows, skylights, and glass partitions as walls or stair railings into your home.


  • Windows are becoming larger and larger and are even seen extending as high as front gables and ceilings! The more natural light you can attract into your home, will allow your spaces to feel as though they are larger than what they really are!





Complementing the trend of natural light, interiors have taken on a warm, natural, and light feel.

  • This is demonstrated with lightwood finishes bringing a sense of warmth to your home. Earthy tones and natural elements bring the outside in and give your home more of a cosy and comfortable vibe.


  • We have seen the elements of lightwood finishes being used in conjunction with amazing white spaces in particular. Flooring, cabinetry, shelving and accents have been stand-outs throughout this year for light timber, and pair perfectly with the timeless white kitchens!


  • Maintaining the warm feeling in your spaces, gold finishes and hardware have continued to gain even more popularity this past year. The brushed gold accents enhance the combination of white and light wood elements within the space as a whole, creating an effortless and luxurious feel.




Ever since 2020, working remotely has only become more popular and conventional in 2021.

  • Touching on the previously mentioned trend of multipurpose homes and layouts, people have seen the need to thoughtfully include home office spaces into their custom architectural designs. These days they are absolutely necessary and, in some ways, preferred, being dedicated and separate spaces to organise the ideal work from home office.



Hasn’t this year just flown!?


Coming out of 2020, people have found multiple ways to reimagine and amplify their spaces to meet their needs and circumstances. Households were able to identify areas of improvement and be able to incorporate design elements to help restore balance and bring a sense of calm into their homes.


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