5 Custom Home Design Trends: 2022 Predicted.

New year, new you—and a new home to match?


We can’t believe it is already coming to the end of February, and as we continue through the year, we can’t help but wonder what 2022 will bring!


2022 definitely has all the makings to be one very stylish year, with some trends being carried through from 2021 and some even resurfacing. We’ve put together 5 of some of our noticed designs and styles for this year.



With the emerging movement of biophilic design, a deeper connection with nature and its elements is noticeably having an impact on interiors for 2022. The nods to nature are an efficient way of bringing the connection of the outdoors within your home.

Natural materials paired with soft earthy tones bring a sense of warmth and depth to the home. We have seen this through touches of raw timber, stone and concrete finishes and furnishings.

These warmer and natural tones feel more welcoming and bring a prevalent and pleasant feel overall.

Colour trends are also reflecting the desires of being close to nature with ranges of greens, browns and soft creams.



Curves are definitely still as trendy as ever, with quirky but sophisticated forms of organic shapes and curves.

The soft, rounded elements aren’t only being seen in décor and furniture, but are now even carrying through architecturally into homes and outdoor layouts and design features. These structural details include grand archways, feature windows, landscaping, ceilings and more!



With the many disruptions of lockdowns the past couple of years, people are entertaining and hosting more than ever! We saw a large trend in tablescapes in 2021, and dining is still at the top of most styling lists.

Averting from the open plan living/kitchen/dining area and relapsing to a more traditional layout allows for complete freedom of styling and grandeur; enjoying the ‘luxury’ of hosting gatherings at your home once again.



We are doubling down on details and layers within home design!

Maximalism is all about embracing a little bit of ‘extra’ within your styling. Deep and rich hued palettes with layers of colour and texture are being introduced in a sophisticated yet simple way.

Creating a casual collected look within the home has been seen, with the demand for touches of antiques and high-quality items; full of expression and personality. European style has definitely had an impact on this maximal style, giving inspiration for vintage inventory and Art Deco additions; creating richness and history within a modern home.



Lockdowns have created yet another very popular trend, of shopping sustainably and locally, which has been maintained ever since. This major shift in sourcing pieces and products, has put a spotlight on artisan items created by local and regional artists. This focus on sustainability and quality has seen a rise of popularity in items such as hand-crafted furniture, handwoven rugs, and a variety of handmade décor treasures.

There’s nothing more perfect than finding one of a kind pieces for your custom home while supporting smaller makers and creators!


Although custom homes are meant to be a reflection of personal aesthetics, staying up to date on the most recent trends can offer a breath of fresh air and interest to your home.


Let’s go 2022!


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