Are you running out of options to keep yourself and the family occupied?


With the unfortunate current circumstances, lockdowns are affecting more people’s lives all across Australia. However, being at home doesn’t mean you can’t be constructive with your time and create a positive outlook on this situation. A well-presented and refreshed home can have very positive effects on your productivity and your mood!

We consider ourselves to be experts in homes and renovations, and with the majority of the state being forced to stay at home, we wanted to share some helpful tips and ideas that can also pay off in the long-term!

So why not consider some (or all!) of these 10 ideas we have below for you:



Get inspired!

Now is the perfect moment to spend some time researching projects, resources, styles and ideas for you to enhance your chosen spaces in your home.

Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest are some great (free!) tools to find some information and inspo, that will allow you to perfectly bring your vision of your home to reality. Observe colours, different trends, layouts, products and styling tips to get you started on this process!



Clear the clutter! – create the feeling of space by simply removing anything that isn’t absolutely essential to be displayed. Assigning an area or cupboard a day to clean out or tidy, creates productivity and a sense of routine. Clearing and tidying your entire house cleanses not only your spaces, but also everyone within the home.

This is your time to live out your dreams of having an aesthetically pleasing and organised pantry!

There are endless options for affordable storage and organisation products available online or for click and collect. IKEA and Kmart have some great options, leaving your entire house in an orderly and cohesive manner; even for when life returns to (somewhat) normal.

Also take into account any unused spaces like under the stairs or in the garage that are almost a ‘waste’, that could provide the opportunity for extra storage; there will never be enough!



Put on your favourite tunes and get stuck into doing a deep clean of the entire home. Dust, vacuum, mop, clean your carpet, rugs and skirting boards – the list is never ending!!

Doing a big clean creates a much nicer and calmer environment to spend your time in; making it so much easier to relax and leave your worries behind!

Just remember clean space = clear mind!




With the rise in remote working, why not make an office space to enjoy?

It can be a difficult task separating work from home life, so it’s a great idea to designate an area or room and turn it into the perfect working environment. Fill it with things that motivate you and make you feel good, while trying to not overfill or overcrowd the space.

If the space allows, think of incorporating built-in storage and shelving, a large desk area with a comfy chair (of course!), and a bold rug or light fixtures to add some interest.



An interest in home gyms has soared since the temporary closures of gyms began in 2020. Why not go all out and create a space that gives you the extra motivation, that your spare bedroom can’t?! Consider mirrored walls, rubber flooring, storage and workout equipment of course! Think of it as the ideal situation – within short, walking distance, the layout can be altered to your liking, with freedom to do what you want and no machine-hoggers!




Have you noticed over time tiny marks or patches on your wall? What a better time to grab your paint and fix up any chips or discolouration throughout your home! Overall, it will allow your paint to last longer with these regular touch-ups.

Or if you really want to go all out, paint entire walls to really enhance and bring life to your spaces. Other options can also include repainting kitchen or laundry cabinetry, as well as up-cycling old furniture and decor!




Following on from our DIY tip of up-cycling, you can source materials and objects you already own, or you can purchase on Facebook Marketplace (if safe to do so). Such a great way of turning ‘trash’ to treasure, while saving some money and creating something to fit your style and spaces perfectly.

When it comes to styling with colour, keep in mind what interior style you are wanting to achieve in your space or how you want it to make you feel. Mix things up with textures and materials to create depth and contrast. Accessorising is key! Look through your inspiration pictures and resources to see what design elements and techniques have been used within the spaces.



There’s nothing worse than being cooped up inside, so if you have the availability to liven outdoor space/s, use this time to get out in the fresh air! You can check out our previous blog where we provide all the best tips on enjoying your outdoor spaces- through winter and any season!




Another way of getting yourself and the family outdoors is tidying up or redesigning your garden areas. If you are able to source and access plants and garden essentials, consider layering with different heights with simple combinations of plants, as well as creating zones within your garden. These could include a fire-pit space, sensory or herb garden and a sitting area, to decorate with screens, flower beds, lights and large potted plants to tie all the spaces and gardens together.

Alternatively, you can bring the outdoors in! Incorporating real plants, flowers and greenery with potted/ hanging plants or floral arrangements. It’s the perfect way of bringing some cheer and life to your home, while also providing responsibility and a distraction to look after and care for them.

Some great projects to pass the time can include making a veggie or herb garden, succulent garden, dry flower arrangements, flower pressing and terrariums.




Your house is the first thing people will see when they can eventually come to visit; there’s nothing worse than a neglected front yard and signs of deterioration. This is the perfect moment to up your curb appeal, by even completing the simplest of tasks. Tidy your front yard, repaint the gutters and doors in fresh colours and even think about replacing dated fences and mailboxes. If you also have a front verandah that needs some attention, simply add some décor to liven the space and overall look of your home. You can create an area with seating options and some potted plants to make another outdoor space to utilise.



Even though we may be facing some hard times and challenges, when things start returning to normal, you’ll wish you had the time to make these improvements. Your future self will thank you!

From all the team at Len Pro Building, we are sending all our best wishes to those affected during this time. We hope these few tips can provide some inspiration and motivate you to make some improvements in your home and wellbeing.


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